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We stand against violence, hatred, discrimination and brutality in all forms, whether toward animals or humans.

County Funding Petition

Please sign our petition to help the Susquehanna Animal Shelter receive funding from Otsego County:

“This petition is a follow-up to a 2016 petition seeking the same outcome, County funding for the Susquehanna Animal Shelter (SAS). Since the 2016 petition, another budget season has come and gone and the County is still not providing support to the SAS. Therefore, we ask that you sign this new petition to support our ongoing struggle for desperately needed funding. 

The SAS is the only animal shelter in Otsego County, NY committed to saving every animal in its care. This can be financially challenging, especially when dealing with cases of cruelty and neglect. Rescued animals who have been suffering need medical care and treatment and Otsego County provides no financial support for the SAS to do this. Financial support from Otsego County is necessary and fair.

Currently, the SAS work with local law enforcement and officials on a case by case basis to determine how a cruelty case will be addressed. This process is not efficient and may sometimes prevent action because no party involved is able to take financial responsibility. While law enforcement have the authority to seize suffering animals and the SAS has the staff, equipment, and facilities to care for them neither the Sheriff, nor the towns in whose jurisdictions the animals are found, nor SAS itself have funds sufficient to meet the costs of treating all suffering animals.

If the Otsego County Board of Representatives add the Susquehanna Animal Shelter to their budget, just as they do with other valuable non-profit organizations providing a public service, animal abuse, neglect, and cruelty will not be ignored and animals in Otsego County will not suffer.”



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5082-5088 State Highway 28
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