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We stand against violence, hatred, discrimination and brutality in all forms, whether toward animals or humans.

Outreach & Events

Events and community outreach are a vital part of our shelter’s success and sustainability. They are a great way to create more awareness, help educate people and can also be a source of enrichment for the animals. We facilitate our own events at the shelter and off-site as well as participate in others out in the community (parades, fairs, etc). We also have our Offsite Outreach Program every weekend.

Our volunteers also frequently bring animals (usually dogs) to walk around public places such as the Southside Mall, Main Street in Cooperstown or Oneonta, etc. This is a fantastic way to promote a dog for adoption and also spread the word about our shelter. Other outings such as visits to nursing homes or local colleges are also a great way to give our dogs a little break from the shelter while brightening someone’s day!

Do you have ideas? Let us know! We are always open to suggestions and willing to try out new projects that may benefit our animals.


5082-5088 State Highway 28
5082-5088 State Highway 28
Cooperstown, NY
Cooperstown, NY

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11am -5pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
11AM -5PM Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays
11am -7pm every Thursday
11AM-7PM Thursdays

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